#AntiJemimas (or, How to Build a Real Gyrl in 3 Easy Steps)

….an iwannalive production

From: Shawties Got Skillz: Picnik, posted 30 May 2011 on Nuñez Daughter

#AntiJemimas began in 2008 with the creation of Self Care: Revise, Revise, Revise.  Since then, #AntiJemimas has evolved into an online universe of blogs, Tumblrs and Twitters committed to the very hard work of building a real gyrl of color in a world of new media.

Kismet Nuñez, (#AntiJemimas Founder and Creative Director),  deploys 21st century forms of art, autobiography, and performance against the discursive terrain of race, sex and personality.  With the help of new media, Kismet breaks herself into pieces to become more than her parts in a revolutionary act of defiance, affirmation & self-care.

Explore the #AntiJemimas below:

Nuñez Daughter

A Talking Book, A Spiritual, A Slave Narrative & Freedom’s JournalAll-in-One (“This is a Lifeline”)

The WOC Survival Kit

A Ring Shout & A Bembé with Comely Daguerrotypes for All Seasons (#AntiJemimas)

Confessions of a Sable Fan Gyrl

The Secret Garden (Where Fen of Color Lie)

Zora Walker

The Bloody Machete & Some Poison in the Soup for Mistress (#MacheteBehavior)

Pretty Magnolia

Your Favorite Feminist’s, Favorite Womanist’s Orgasm (Very #NSFW)

To find out more, show support or comment on the project, contact Kismet Nuñez (kismetnunez@gmail.com) or @/dm her on Twitter (@KismetNunez)

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