Interlude: The #SableFanGyrl Dances to the Noisettes

Remember when we were talking black lady silhouettes and other sundries not too long ago?  Aker over at Futuristically Ancient posted the Noisettes video for their new single “Winner.”  Screenshot gallery below:

I love how Shingai Shoniwa is front and center against dancers who, in black from head to toe, aren’t identifiable as either male or female, black, white or green.  And I love her repeated fist pumping, probably because it brings to (my) mind a Black Power salute.

The lyrics themselves are pop-happy, Katy Perry-approved empowerment.  Peep the first verse below:

The eagle has landed
The butterfly is out of her cocoon
It aint like I planned it
but lately I've been shining like the moon
I'll tell you something about girly girls[?]
Too many questions will kill the surprise
After tonight there'll be no alibis
I'll be the apple of your eye
I feel like a winner

 (Lyrics by yours truly and I’m not so sure about ‘girly girls;’ let me know if you have a better transcription)

As much as I enjoy it, there are some things we can discuss.  What are we meant to assume, if anything, about size and body type?  What are we meant to understand about race and gender in relation to either, or in relation to a black, female-presenting lead?

And is it possible, or even fruitful, to discuss those images alongside these:

Image Credits:
The Noisettes, “Winner” Music Video Screenshots (:17, :19, :23, :24, :28, :29, 1:30, 1:59, 2:35, 2:38, 2:45)
Nicki Minaj, “Stupid Hoe” Music Video Screenshots (:26, :16)
Kara Walker, You Do, 1993-94. Cut Paper on canvas, 55 x 49 in. (140 x 124.5 cm). Collections of Peter Norton and Eileen Harris Norton.

(watch the Noisettes video over at Futuristically Ancient)

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