Thank You

That big thing I needed to do?  Done.  I’m back:  Writing, tumbling, and tweeting. You already know where to find me.  

A few words before I shift back into gear:

Thank you everyone who sent postcards, care packages, prayers, vibes, phone messages, texts, and emails.  And paid for liquor (thank Gawd for liquor). Even when I didn’t respond immediately (or at all) the outside support gave me a boost and usually arrived just when I needed it most.

A special Nuñez Daughter THANK YOU to Bianca of Latino Sexuality for guest blogging.  In March, I knew I’d need to step back from blogging if I was going to get some serious IRL work done.  Bianca (who is also one of the Latinegr@s Project co-conspirators) guest blogged in my absence.  

I can NOT thank her enough. Her help gave me time and mental space to grind.  And as a sex-pert well versed in Latin@ sexualities, reproductive health, and media justice, B. added a fresh, necessary perspective on a whole slew of topics. If you haven’t yet, please read through her posts.  I’ve asked Bianca to stick around and given her the key to the house, you might say, so hopefully she’ll surprise us with delicious things in the future.

Peace to the Shawties. At the Allied Media Conference this June, the Shawty Got Skillz Crew pulled off another amazing skillshare. Moya Z. Bailey, Zachari Curtis, and Adaku Utah organized skillsharers to share their expertise in everything from aromatherapy to twerking.  These three are the friggin most!  Seriously, if you have time, you really need to send these visionaries a love letter or two.  They raised funds, handled AMC logistics, planned the event, and did it all while keeping their own individual projects going.  I’m so grateful to them for all that they do.

I got the chance to help out a bit behind the scenes, but not nearly as much as I should have and I couldn’t attend the actual conference.  I missed out on good times and those lovebirds held it down.  Peace to the Shawties!

If you’re like me and you missed either the skillshare or AMC–never fear. The Shawty Got Skillz ‘Zine will have the highlights.  And you can still purchase it by clicking here.

All nice words aside, what can you expect for Nuñez Daughter this year?  Some #new #new and some #boom #boom?

Or a lot of the same?

Well…both.  The blogging continues.  I’m back to (pretending to keep) a Friday posting schedule.  I’ve released the #AntiJemimas from their cages and you can find Zora Walker, the Sable Fan Gyrl, and Pretty Magnolia roaming the ‘nets, up to their old tricks.

But I want to do more poetry, return to fiction, maybe get some longer essays published online and in print.

More than anything else, I want to breathe and think thoughts and live (holla).  And I want to make beautiful things.  I want to curate and organize and distribute images, words, video, and online sequences that pay homage to the beauty, wit, and creativity of folk from all walks of life, all around the globe, of all colors, shapes, sizes, genders, sexual orientations.  I want to create an archive of images that empower me and dive into it.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  But we’ll see how it goes.

Image Credits:
Rutina Wesley as Vampire Tara in True Blood Episode 5 x 5 (.gif by some unknown magician on Tumblr and all I can say is ‘good lawd’ and ‘thank u’)


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