I don’t understand

Byron Spellman, 16, left, Robert Coleman, 15, center, and Elijah West, 16, right, are a few of the local Savannah youths who stood in front of a crowd Saturday at Sacred Heart Church wearing t-shirts implying that they are Troy Davis. Image Credit: Hunter McRae/Savannah Morning News

I’m not sure what it means when we live in a society that applauds for the murder of 246 human beings by the state.

I’m not sure what it means when we celebrate death and see vengeance as a legit and appropriate response.

When did forgiveness become passé?  Or naive.  Or weak.

I don’t understand.  Where is the strength in taking a person’s life?  How does this build community?  Is someone going to get their house out of foreclosure because Davis is dead?  Is there a cure for AIDS involved?  Will his death prevent a young woman from being raped on her way home from work tomorrow–

[Wait.  Skip that one.  That’s for another post.]

I’m so confused.  And I kinda want to vomit.  Or move to Antarctica.

Instead, I write.  And I call.  Via @aliciasanchez:

Troy davis was denied clemency. keep calling if you can— When you call (404) 656-5651 Listen to the menu, press #5 for “Pardons,” Ask for DA Chisolm, Leave a message.

For more information, ask Zora Walker.


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