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The Glyph nominees are out.  H/T courtesty of the good folks over at Racialicious:

The nominees for Rich Watson’s annual Glyph Awards (created to recognize the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color, which will be presented in May at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philadelphia) are out and our own Chad Nevett was part of the nomination committee. I felt that last year’s committee (of which I was a part of, along with David Brothers) did a great job, so I was eagerly awaiting what Chad and his group decided on, and they, too, did a very nice job!

Read on for the nominees!

Click above for the rest.

I don’t read comic books but I wish I did.  Comic books always felt too male, too hyper-sexualized-women’s-bodies, too visual, too campy and nerdy to get into (I know, I know–social constructions of gender anyone?).  I won’t say too white, because I grew up watching the X-Men cartoon on Saturday mornings and, at least in the Marvel Universe, there was a range of blackness and whiteness (Delta drawlin’ Gambit ranks as one of my top ten cartoon crushes, along with Robin from the New Batman Series and Goliath from Gargoyles).

But fierce female characters are my gateway drug.  Storm (X-Men animated series) was the only one I got wind of and they may as well have written Asexual Strong Black Woman in large font across her white spandex chest.  It would have been less obvious.  Black female stereotypes in fiction = huge turn off.  If the writers can so easily get away with creating a “token” or “magical every(black)woman” character, what else are they doing wrong?

But the Glyph awards are geared towards comics by and for people of color.  Win.  And while this year’s Glyph nominees are almost all male artists and writers, there is a category for “Best Female Character” (click Nola Thomas above for a review of Issue #1 of the series).   Plus there’s this:

“For the first time, the GCA Committee announces the creation of the Chairman’s Award, a new award given in special recognition of a work in any media outside of comics, including but not limited to books, television, film, or the Internet, that illuminates the black comics experience in an exceptional manner, and also broadens and deepens the growing body of knowledge about black comics worldwide.

This year, the GCA Committee bestows the award to the book Black Comix: African American Independent Comics Art and Culture, by Damian Duffy & John Jennings, a reference book spotlighting over fifty different independent black comics creators from the past quarter century. The release of this book was accompanied by a gallery exhibition in New York containing artwork from some of the book’s featured artists.”

*logs off* *walks over to Amazon to find a copy*



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