#SnOwGasm2011 = Cabin Fever

Red Dragon Winter

In case you live under a rock (or in Egypt #RealIssues) a #SNOWmageddon hit the U.S. North this week.  Two feet in New England, thundersnow (huhhh?) in Chicago, freezing rain and snow in St. Louis…my poor little Caribbean-Southern soul is shivering just thinking about it.

School wasn’t cancelled but most classes were and while I made my poor students stomp out of their cozy dorms for their lab day, I found myself with a lot of idle time on my hands.

So I went ahead and did what Boricuas do best:

I busted out five complete, edited chapters of my dissertation for my advisor

I cooked a vat of rice.

I didn’t have all of the materials.  No tosino.  No green or red peppers.  I added broccoli mainly because it was about to go bad.  And I decided to marinate the chicken separately (red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and cumin).  But boy, oh, boy, did I make a delicious ten pound caldero of rice.


I wasn’t the only one.  Thank God for Twitter and Facebook because at least then a body can pretend other people are in the room with  you.  Primo (@lcm1986) made chicken wings.  Tea made some kind of delicious sounding chili.  #Runtelldat it was apparently on and poppin in kitchens across the country.

I was not mad.  Which prompted this tweet:

In hindsight, I might have preferred to get some real writing and research done some Super Mario Bros.  Oh well.


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