Bits & Pieces Everywhere

I know.  I’ve missed you too.  In-the-Flesh matters have preoccupied me.

Here are some toys to play with while I’m gone:

by Morton Roberts for "America's Own Music in its Lusty Youth: JAZZ," LIFE Magazine, 22 Dec 1958. Read it here.


“You see, Arjuna, everyone has a duty; we all have a duty, and your duty, Arjuna, as a warrior, is to engage in battle and fight.  It’s your job my dear friend.  But with that said, you must never engage in action or battle while being attached to the outcome of that action.  Winning or losing is not what matters, since that is up to God alone to decide.  What matters is that you fulfill your duty with honor, dedication, and humility.” ~Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

And don’t forget you can always find me and my friends on Tumblr.  We play kickball.  We play jump rope.  We play tag.  Join us.


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