Postmortem: A Love Letter to Girls & Women of Color

Ntozake Shange & Ifa Bayeza, by Chester Higgins, NYT

over a week ago i loved for colored girls the movie.
i don’t love it anymore. but i still like it a lot.
i stand by that. and i stand by my original feelings.
& i am not unfeminist or antifeminst because of this.

i am glad the conversation on the piece & on girls of color continues. here. there. everywhere.

in writing this series, i wasn’t a professor or an activist, black or puerto rican, a woman or a girl. i was me. and i loved myself more than i loved anyone else’s academic standards. i love/d me. and i thank shange, the Secret Society Sister Network (including the #digitalsisterhood & the #rwoc bloggers), my sisters and Nuñez Mom for that.

i don’t have much else to add except this: one person remained conspicuously absent from my meditation on the poem and the film. i did this on purpose but with no animosity. this is a work of art by woman of color, in honor of women of color and for women of color. why should i do anything less than center her, them, us & me as i process this moment?

we’ve more than earned the right to be infatuated with ourselves.

to read the full series, click the tag sing a black girl’s song.

walk, talk, write & move in love & healing,


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