(There is a #LoveLetter Here, Somewhere)

via rawrrrrrainbows

(a letter I’m not brave enuf to write yet)

Via blackfeminismlives:One of the functions of educational institutions, is two fold: Quarantine a small minority of radical or potentially radical intellectuals into tenured positions and push them farther and farther away from communities struggling towards a more desirable system; while the rest of us, public intellectuals—people who don’t need buildings to think—many of us who have fought to get here, we get saddled with debt, huge amounts of debt…So we internalize the belief that we have to get a job. And this process—getting the job, paying off the debt—serves to estrange us from the communities that we may have been connected to in struggle before we became indebted, or prevents us from being able to connect with those communities.
Sailor Holladay

(it is why I split into so many personalities, so many ways, so many days of things that I’m not allowed to give voice to…yet)

via manifest freedom:
“so, i suppose it’s not a mystery. i love you because you are still my sister. we are all still sisters. and i need you to survive. because i still see you. you are me. our survival is interconnected in ways that we can’t even begin to touch. and we survived so much. and we are moving. past surviving. into living. you and i. we are so brave.”
alicia, “i need you,” Freedom Fighter

(but I know I need to Speak soon because things are happening right now and the threat is real right now and somewhere right now someone is angry…someone is ashamed…someone feels helpless…a community is hurting and doesn’t have a language to understand what is happening…

and the next victim might be me.)


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