Day 30: A Beautiful Brown Work in Progress

One dark and stormy night, @Latinegro founded the 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge. He scheduled it to coincide with Latino/a and Latin American Heritage Month (I hate the word Hispanic) which began today and ends October 15th. And, hospitable fellow that he is, he’s invited any Latino blogger to join in.

Since I can count on one hand the number of fellow Afrolatina bloggers I know, I think I’ll take the plunge. After all, I haven’t written a post specific to Latina or Afrolatina issues for awhile now. For 30 days and nights, I owe the interwebs at least two paragraphs on the topic o’ the day. To follow along (or backtrack) click the tag “latina/o heritiage month.” Today’s topic(s): What I learned in the last 30 days

Well family–all caught up.  I even got some decent two paragraph responses in.

I’d like to thank @Latinegro for setting up the blog challenge.  This man is the kind of consistent and thoughtful blogger I aspire to be.  I look forward to engaging in the afro-latino/Latinegr@ blogosphere he is damn near single-handedly creating.  Giving brown people a voice on the internet is difficult for a number reasons but we need to make sure our voices are heard.  The debate is going to continue with or without us and not for our benefit.  #leggo

Back to the prompt:

The last thirty days have been something else.  In the real world and the digitalone.  This blog is about autobiography, archive and insurgency but I don’t even know where to start.  Short answer is easiest.

First, I’ve learned that I love blogging. I love writing.  New media is a fun and exciting place for me.  And I need to go with those feelings.  This blog, joining the @FreshXpress blog network, finding a “Kismet” voice, splicing black girl identity and making new connections–all of this gives me life.  And more foolishness is in store.

Second, back in the real world and over the last year, the stereotypical parts of my Latina have receded a bit–food, music, pop culture.  I had a hard time answering those prompts, and not just because I did half of them last minute.  My location makes it difficult to remain as close to the community as I’d like to be–although, as a trade off, since I live in an area where multi-racial encounters are fairly common, making my black & Puerto Rican-ness much less “interesting” to the average white person.  Or black person.

But part of it is that my political identity is shifting.  My Latina has been manifesting in ways that are more Afro-diasporic (Yoruba, slavery research, solidarity with Haiti).  And my black has grown more diasporic as well (trips to West Africa, starting to loc my hair).  It will be interesting for me to see how I answer this challenge in another year–and with more disciplined commitment.

And that is the final thing I learned, and not just here in my blogging life.  Discipline is key.  Shall we bring Ralphie back?:


Happy Latina/o and Latin American Heritage Month. Love you.  Go forth.  Commit (black & brown) politics. Make social justice babies.  Come back and visit the Kis.


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