Day 13 Catch Up: Freedom Fighters

One dark and stormy night, @Latinegro founded the 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge. He scheduled it to coincide with Latino/a and Latin American Heritage Month (I hate the word Hispanic) which began today and ends October 15th. And, hospitable fellow that he is, he’s invited any Latino blogger to join in.

Since I can count on one hand the number of fellow Afrolatina bloggers I know, I think I’ll take the plunge. After all, I haven’t written a post specific to Latina or Afrolatina issues for awhile now. For 30 days and nights, I owe the interwebs at least two paragraphs on the topic o’ the day. To follow along (or backtrack) click the tag “latina/o heritiage month.” Today’s topic(s): Afro-Latinos You See Everyday

I live in a state that is 98% white and edges the arctic circle. I’m lucky if I see a tan.

So I’ll count Twitterati as people I see everyday. #nowintroducingyouto Alicia

*waves* hey boo!

From her About page:

i am alicia. i am a queer robot. i’m afro-latina. pan africanist. radical womanist. opera singer turned therapist turned english teacher. [former] vegan. coffee addict. i enjoy onomatopoeia and unicorns.

Can you see why I love her? Who the hell loves onomatopoeia and unicorns? And coffee? All at once? *faints*

No, but really. I first met Alicia (self-identifies as black-also-known-as-Puerto Rican–i see u boo!) in volunteer training at the D.C. Rape Crisis Center. She was the Crisis Services Coordinator–which basically means she ran everything related to the crisis hotline including hospital visits, volunteer issues, supervised training and more. Alicia eventually left there but since she’s continued to do amazing things in the realm of violence against women, queer justice, youth homelessness.

Her story is as inspiring as it is intense; I encourage you to go visit her at her blog, Freedom Fighter. She is ride or die. Be prepared.


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