Day 6: A Poem

One dark and stormy night, @Latinegro founded the 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge. He scheduled it to coincide with Latino/a and Latin American Heritage Month (I hate the word Hispanic) which began today and ends October 15th. And, hospitable fellow that he is, he’s invited any Latino blogger to join in.

Since I can count on one hand the number of fellow Afrolatina bloggers I know, I think I’ll take the plunge. After all, I haven’t written a post specific to Latina or Afrolatina issues for awhile now. For 30 days and nights, I owe the interwebs at least two paragraphs on the topic o’ the day. To follow along (or backtrack) click the tag “latina/o heritiage month.” Today’s topic(s): A Poem (original or quoted)o

Whew!  I’m glad this one is easy because it is damn near midnight.

How I’m feeling these days.  Affirming myself, my body, my profession, my writing, my spirit, my anger and my lust.  Massaging and loving every part of me–and sharpening my knives as I do it.

that anger bone mal mama
that rattle painted red, painted fresh blood, slaughtered enemy
hung with strong feathers, guts of vipers
I’ll knock down this old long house this weary war horse
these dry rituals called
how are you
I want that brown thigh bone
carved with eagle beak
that club dig it out of the dirt
mal mama spirit stole my bones put them in her burying jug
sealed me up in wax and ashes
I crack out
arrange my bones in their naming places
I take what I want
shaking my sacred hair dancing out taboo
I mark out the space I am
with knives

~Chrystos, “Give Me Back,” This Bridge Called My Back: Writings of Radical Women of Color, 197 (1981)



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