I’m a Winner!


I won Evelyn Alfred‘s book give away.  Which means a copy of Ernessa T. Carter’s 32 Candles will magically appear in my mailbox just in time for Labor Day Weekend!  Happy Monday to me!

*sigh.  One day, I will be an older, stronger, well-seasoned blogger who gets free books sent to her too.  And I will return the favor with book giveaways galore.  But until then, I’m gonna tear this one up.  Sixteen Candles was my first Molly Ringwald movie and remains a classic.

Watch the book trailer and read the synopsis here:

Visit the 32 Candles website.

Hang out over at Evelyn’s place.

Follow both of these lovely women on twitter.

Dance it out.  *flounces out of the room to “If You Were Here”*


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