VOTE for Gulf Coast Student Reporting Labs!!!!

Over at PBS NewsHous, my AMAZING friend and soror Imani Cheers is part of this project which is competing for funding via the Pepsi Refresh Project:

How is the Gulf oil spill affecting young people? What are some compelling stories that will keep people informed of what is happening in Gulf communities after the news of the spill drops off the front page?

NewsHour Extra is applying for this grant in order to fund a core group of student journalists in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. to report on the effects of the oil disaster.

Our Student Reporting Labs connect high school students to public media mentors, who teach them how to identify, investigate, report and synthesize information, using journalism as an innovative form of purposeful learning.

These reports will bring to light untold stories, and engage youth around the world to keep track of the oil spill and reflect on the lessons presented by the catastrophe. The students who participate will become problem-solving, critical-thinking and concerned citizens, as will the millions of people who watch their stories.

Here’s some video from the gallery.  Support, support, support!  Vote here!


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