“How My Cup of Freedom Runeth Over”

If you visit the blog in the real world then you know that I’ve got a new look.  And an updated About page.  And my muse and mistress, Octavia Butler, is back on sticky post status.

All meant to inspire me to write more in all areas of my life.  But especially here.

But sometimes you don’t write because someone else said it better than you ever could.

Re: Puff on the questions single girls get asked by the non-single girls around them:

I have stopped objecting, for now. I won’t say that I have been in love. I won’t say that I have craved and wanted and missed and dreamed of. I won’t say that I know the feeling, and that it passes. I will never say that I have loved harder than their in loves. Or that I have melted with my beloveds over miles and time zones. I won’t say that Love is deeper than love, deeper than sex, and deeper than sympathy. I won’t say that I know what I know.

“… But I know what Love is.”

Read the rest over at Generalize This.

Editor’s Note:  I know I said I would ban all single vs. marriage talk on this and all my other blogspaces from now to eternity.  For this, I’m making an exception.


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