I bought a plant today.

I didn’t mean to.  I went to the grocery store to buy spring mix salad (they didn’t have it) and Colavita Olive Oil (they had it) and a tupperware so I can take said salad to work and continue my diet reawakening.

And as I passed the long rows of cheap, surplus oranges and apples, the burst of pink and yellow Easter flower arrangements for sale caught my eye.

I didn’t bother.  I don’t own a vase.  And flowers in my house wouldn’t last very long and I’d never be home to enjoy them (flowers at work would just seem ostentatious).

But behind the display, sat a sad little bookshelf covered in green things.  Unremarkable, potted, green things.  I didn’t even know what kind they were.

On the left hand side, waiting quietly with a singed leaf, sat my plant.

It was love at first sight.

Seriously.  I feel some kinda way about my little plant.  She makes my heart feel big.  And I know if I feel this strongly about a plant, then if I ever have children, woe on that which threatens them!

I haven’t decided what to name her yet.


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