Remembering the Sun ‘Zine is Out

Via VivirLatino :: flip flopping joy:

“Written during the time between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, aka The Most Depressing Time of The Year, this zine was motivated by the reality of instability–the need to hold onto something solid, real, loving–even as there seems to be nothing left in the world but desperate and lonely thoughts. Others have made through this darkest of time, and you and I will too. We are not alone.

The sun does return.

The “regular” zine is paper, the “special edition” features a cloth cover (made of old babybfp jeans–to better allow us to remember those days when our own jean knees were muddied and stained with joy) and a solid inner cover to protect the zine.

The regular zine is 1$ plus cost of 1 stamp (.44 cents–or if you just want to round it–but at least .44 cents) for US and 1.60$ for International.

The “special edition” is going to be sold to the first 11 people who make a donation of more than 5$. Postage 1$ for US and 2$ for International. Once the 11 are gone–they’re gone! So order quickly!!

As always–if you feel like donating more, please do so! All money goes towards woc media making (i.e. the costs of this site, of making zines, etc).”

Go donate!


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