International Women’s Day!!!!!!


Random tidbits that struck my fancy as I contemplated this:

“Elizabeth, I remember when I took you to a restaurant in Guadeloupe how surprised and shocked you were to see that all the cooks and waiters were white, French people. So imagine what it was like growing up in Guadeloupe some years back. The teachers in the schools were French. The priests, when we went to Mass with our families, were white. We lived in a completely white, French environment. It seemed normal to me. I did not ask any questions. Of course, when I looked at my face in the mirror I could see that it was black, but for me, colour was totally unimportant. I felt I was exactly like the people around me, that is to say, French and white. Then when I went to France I discovered that the colour of my skin meant something. It was not an accident that I was black. There was a deep difference between me and the people whose skin was white. I had to go to Africa to discover the meaning and importance of that difference.”

Maryse Condé interviewed by Elizabeth Nuñez in November 2000

March 8th Activities in Puerto Rico:

From the Dia Internacional de la Mujer-Puerto Rico website:

“Todavía no hay equidad. En momentos en que se conmemora el centenario del reconocimiento internacional de la necesidad de que se separe un día del calendario para reflexionar en torno a los derechos de las mujeres, en el País el debate en torno al género se encuentra en uno de sus momentos más intensos.

Despidos, crímenes de género, disparidad en la remuneración profesional, poca representación en puestos de poder y pocas posibilidades de escapar de círculos de maltrato son algunos de los escollos que enfrentan las mujeres todos los días y que confirman -según las fuentes consultadas- que aún queda mucho por hacer para lograr la necesaria paridad de géneros….”

Poto Mitan:  Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy:


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