Latinegr@s Project 365

Rita Moreno Slappin a Ho #yeahisaidit

In case you had your head up your ass this entire month, it will continue all year.  Because Latinegr@ History is 365.  It’s true!  McDonald’s said so.


Posted at Latino Sexuality but a bunch of blogs involved (for instance, you can consider the WOC Survival Kit a big time supporter of anything Latinegra related):

“I’ve partnered with some fabulous people to help increase the awareness of LatiNegr@s during Black History Month.

Please consider submitting something to our LatiNegr@s Tumblr page. You may submit a video, foto, website, link, quote, whatever you’d like that you think represents LatiNegr@s!

Meet the co-collaborators:

LatiNegro is a writer and poet who helped create this project from its inception! He writes at Inside My Head where you can read his poetry and reflexive musings.

Prof.Susurro writes at Like A Whisper and always has amazing intersectional analysis on everything from current events, popular culture, feminisms, and social justice agendas.

YOU! We’d love to have more folks contributing in any way they can virtually or in other ways. Please contact one of us! If you have people you think would be great to join in on contributing let us know that too and we will reach out to them….”

Bianca interviewed yours truly for the project here: Go read me act a fool.


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