I am comfortable enough in my politics to admit that I loved this song when it first came out.

Video is a little racy. Hope you’re 18+.

Updated:  Well, apparently I can’t post videos from where I want.  Above is YouTube’s cleaner version.  For the smut, go here.

Updated Part Two (bka, Your Politics are Showing):  Let’s note–this was NERD’s debut (at least to the mainstream world) via BET’s Uncut.  I won’t lie.  I watched it.  I looked for it.  I was a randy teenage girl.  Whatever.  But….to date, I don’t know of NERD ever doing it again.  And they didn’t need to.  That first raunchy video with half naked (white?) girls sprawled all over it was enough to draw attention to the boys with beats and made us stop and actually listen when they came back around.

A commentary on hip hop?  On sexualization of women?  On the sexualization of WHITE women?  On the power of sex to sell?  On saavy economic strategy?  I dunno.

Go back to enjoying your smut now.


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