At Danneman’s Cafe in Atlanta…

…procrastinating by blogging my life away. 

They have good coffee.

They normally have good music, but today is Constant Reggae Day and that is going to drive me up a wall. 

FYI: I love working at the cafe all day.  Especially the small, neighborhood ones with decent priced, Fair Trade coffee and delicioso desserts.  Something about it just soothes me. 

Some links that I came across on my procrastination journey:

If I can’t finish my doctoral degree, this is why.  Vote Obama in.  ASAP. 

We couldn’t find gas until this morning.  Barely.  Manage to buy a quarter tank (only Regular was available) after cruising on 2 miles worth of fumes.  Did I already say Vote Obama in ASAP.  Okedoke.

Both of these lists are elitist, white and cis-gendered.  That said, there are quite a few gems on each including The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Blackademia apparently can’t get enough of Annette Gordon-Reed.  I look forward to reading the book.

Princess of Nebraska will premiere on YouTube.  Not only does the trailer look interesting but the whole idea of a YouTube showing fascinates me as much as a MySpace Records label which Christina Milian is apparently officially signed to.

Kismet has a post on an imaginary and thoroughly inspiring conversation between President Bartlett of West Wing and Barack Obama.  Originally posted by Maureen Dowd in New York Times.

Yolanda Pierce wrote a heartfelt piece on the pleasures and burdens of being of African descent in the U.S. at the Kitchen Table and Alisa Valdes-Rodrigues has an equally heartfelt piece on the pleasures and burdens of being pro-life and pro-Obama.

I’m in Atlanta, a city where this kind of stuff happens?  Argh.  Very frustrating.  But thank you Dr. Weems for helping to publicize this travesty. 

Gates scores points on Apple.  Apple: 1.  Gates:  1.  Well…we might have to multiply Apple’s point by the ridiculous lead their shares have over Microsoft’s. But who is counting?  Gates, if you want me…get to work.  Give me something as user friendly as the MacBook I’m typing this post on.  I promise I’m willing to come back.  You do own MSWord after all.  And Excel. 


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