Once again…back to thinking about

What is friendship?  Who do you call a friend?  When do they  fail you and when are they you’re biggest fan?

How do you talk about privilege to the privilege (i.e. how to be an ally?  Esp. when the people I love most are the most close-minded on certain things?)

“There is nothing glamorous about being poor.” So true.  Then why I am so uncomfortable with advancing my own status.  This isn’t internalized oppression.  This is an honest feeling, I think, that my way of life is ten times better than the way of life of those people in that condo up the street. 

I hate gentrification.

I’ve never thought about what it must mean to be the only Black and Puerto Rican (and to look it!) and to be the only half-sibling or half-daughter besides.  I’ve never thought about how lonely I’d be without having at least ONE person who understood and embodied what the hell you were in the same house as you. I think I might have gone a little crazy.  It makes me want to cry as I write this.  So I am overwhelmingly blessed to have you BOTH.  (And, to the little homie, chica I ALWAYS have your back.  You’re always home and have a home in me.  That’s sangre, mija).  I wouldn’t be who I am today without you both and I only hope I can support you as you need to be supported and empower you as you need to be empowered to be the great women you are destined to be.

And that brings me back to friendship.  How much do friends change over the years.  I thought some things would never, ever change.  Not fundamentally.  But it seems like they are.  Is this bad?  Is this good?  I am still blessed–but damn.  What to do with this new geography we are mapping as a crew….

Family is love.  Love is work.

That is all.

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