I’m feeling a little better.

Sent emails to my writing group.

Tucked Paula Giddings, When and Where I Enter in my bag as my new *break book.*

Actually working in my office instead of my bed.

Part of the release is that I have my roommate situation almost settled.  But part of it is that the time is nigh.

I dreamed that I was fired from a teaching job I loved, something reminiscent of my position at KIPP.  I cried so hard in the dream.  I thought I would wake up crying, but I didn’t.

I’d be so overwhelmingly sad if I wasn’t doing the thing I am doing.  This is work that I’m meant for.  My fear doesn’t change that.  But my fear can take that work out of my hands if I don’t manage to regroup in time.

So the regrouping begins now.  I am affirming self.

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